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You can rent a radio controlled balloon
Radio controlled ballooning is great for ariel advertising, it can be seen well both day and night, and catches eyes of everyone around it.
It can be used for: Sales- Special Events - Grand Openings- Etc...

  Day or Night these balloons can be seen.
The size of the balloon allows people to see them from a great distance. At night it just amplifies that, because of the surroundings being dark, and the balloon illuminating the sky.

Cost for doing an event
Banners are a one time cost for about 300-425,and is kept by the buyer, and is reusable for later events.
There is a non-refundable 50 dollar deposit for scheduling an event.

..... 1 ------------------->negotiable deposit already included
..... 2 ------------------->negotiable deposit already included
these prices Do Not include price of banner.

If scheduling for longer period than 3hours, price is negotiable.

High or Low on the ground
Either balloon can be seen from a distance.